Sunday, February 26, 2006

Chicago, IL
Mexican Consulate, 2/25/06
Chicago Minuteman Report

Just got back from our protest in front of the Mexican Consulate....I was expecting trouble, since the area is heavily latino & overall apretty rough neighborhood. It used to be Chicago's "skid row"Anyway, the goons never materialized. There were a few cop cars stationed about, but they left after an hour. The Consulate itself was closed, but there were people inside, watching us. Signs covered the doors (in spanish of course) telling illegals to come & get ID. And another big, prominent sign that read "United Statesof Mexico", or something to that affect. The gall of these intruders is unbelievable!

We had a good crowd today, over 20 protestors, with many new faces. It was amazing to meet them & hear what they had to say, as they're very well informed. We got tons of honks & thumbs up signs from many black Americans, & I spoke to a few blacks walking past, & every one of them listened to me, agreed with me & said they'd try to educate their family & friends. And they THANKED US! That felt good. I also gave them a flyer & told them to please join us, as we're fighting for them & all Americans. We also had a few latino Americans honk & give us the thumbs up, which was heartening. But, we also had many gving us the finger & screaming profanity at us. One truck went by & they threw hard candy at us, hitting an older protestor in the side of the face. They're nothing but cowards.

Oh, on a funny note, a latino fellow, who I assume must be an illegal because he came to the Consulate to get an ID & didn't speak a word of English, was asking us (in Spanish) if they were closed. We kept telling him yes, but it was obvious he had no idea what we were saying. So Rick told him to join us, motioning for him to come & hold a sign & an American flag. We took some pictures of that. Pretty funny.

So, overall a successful protest. As it was in a down trodden neighborhood, we didn't have much exposure to the voting public, but we made our point to the Consulate. And that point was we know what you're doing & we're going to expose you. I'll try to get more reports from the other protests around the country. If I do I'll post them here. By the way, a few people took some photos which they'll send to me. I'llpost them ASAP--