Saturday, March 04, 2006

Las Vegas, NV
Mexican Consulate, 2/25/06
Secured Borders USA Report

We had a lot of fun. Our protest went from 11-2 and was very eventful.

We told numerous visitors that the consulate was closed on Saturday so they would have to come back. We also told them that Matricular Cards are not legal ID here or in Mexico.

We had three patrol cars stop and question our intentions and try to tell us that we needed a permit. Our leader knew the law better than the officers and they had to eventually back down. We also had a brown beret and her body guard walk buy reporting all of our activity on her cell phone.

Most people driving by were supportive, honking and waving. We had the usual amount of fingers. Attached find a picture of our group. In our unity we will accomplish what we must. Jeanne, Event Coordinator, Secured Borders, U.S.A