Sunday, March 12, 2006

One down and 11,999,999 to go!

Subject: Minutemen & Police on the job!!!
Date sent: Sun, 12 Mar 2006 10:45:18 -0800
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What a great sight! Yesterday, a racist and his communist Atzlander friends showed up late for the Minuteman rally in Fullerton. I guess there weren't too happy about sitting at the Santa Ana Mexican Consulate in the rain by themselves waiting for our rally there (a false announcement had been sent out earlier in the week) so when they arrived in Fullerton they tried to hassle our ralliers. This racist approached and kicked one of our peaceful Minuteman ralliers, the police were called, and the result above was captured on film.

Great work Minutemen! Expose these violent, anti-American racists for who they are. Racists and their gangs like to yell out that:
"California was once Mexico and still is. Whites go back to Europe".

Thank you Fullerton PD for protecting American Citizens from this racism in our society. Unfortunately, racists gangs and their friends are equally ignorant of how the United States of America works. Watch for racist to become more violent as American citizens demand better border security and stronger immigration policies.

Rejoice in this small victory for the United States of America!

Minutemen doing the job Congress won't do!!!

by: Minuteman & Commander Jeff
forwarded by: Barbara Coe, CCIR