Wednesday, April 12, 2006


On May 1st, Enrique Morones and his fellow agents of Mexico (with the full blessing of Vincente Fox) have promised to shut down the American economy and sea ports for a whole day by having every illegal alien and their supporters stay home from work and school that day and not buy anything. This is a most Un-American and outrageous way to demand unconditional amnesty for illegal aliens.

To counter this subversive action, Americans have come up with their own plan for that day:

Millions of American homeowners employ foreign housekeepers and gardeners every week. Most of them have never asked to see legal documents. We just assume or hope they are here legally, but of course we know that a great many of them are not.

On May 1st, DEMAND that they show their legal documentation. If they can't provide it, do the right thing and say what Donald Trump says, "YOU'RE FIRED"! If everyone in America did this on May 1st, the lines would begin forming going back south to Mexico and other countries. If our government won't solve the illegal immigration problem, then it is up to us to make those tough choices and turn off the jobs that bring them here in the first place.

The downside? You might have to wash your own dishes, vacuum, and mow that lawn yourself until you find a neighbor kid or a legal resident to take the place of the illegal to do your manual labor.

"You are either part of the solution or part of the problem"....... Which are you? Everyone needs to do their part.

P.S. If your nanny is here illegally, replace her with a legal resident too.


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