Monday, April 24, 2006

March to Save America
Father's Day, June 18, 2006
Greeley, Colorado

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"Secure the Borders of the United States of America"

Greeley, CO: We the people, demand that our elected representatives securethe Southern, Northern, Eastern and Western Borders of the United States of America. All Americans, from every political party, race, creed and religious beliefs are invited to march to save America, Father's Day, June 18th. This is a march for the security of our loved ones. NO COMPROMISE!!!!

For decades we have had politicians promising to secure our borders. If we are to believe our elected officials, this nation is at war. We are constantly reminded of the fact we could, and probably will, be attacked again. What kind of people are we if we simply sit back and "allow" our elected officials to place our family and friends in harms way?

We must stand up NOW!!!

The March to Save America will take place on June 18'TH, 2006 in Greeley,CO. You will receive an updated press release when we officially announce the venue for the event. All organizations, churches, radio stations, veterans, clubs, businesses, are invited.

The March to Save America was formed by concerned citizens listening to the Trevor Carey Show on AM 1310 KFKA, Greeley/Ft. Collins. Listen for updates around the clock on 1310 KFKA or listen online at Our nation is too valuable to sit back and watch our borders wide open. Make your voice heard. American must Unite, NOW!!!!!!!!!

Contact Information:
Trevor Carey
820 11'TH Ave
Greeley, CO 80631


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