Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This is a switch!
Help the Colorado Minutemen.

Duke, and friends of America in the BC list.

We need like minded people who see the death of America via open borders, and illegal immigration to send representative Terrance Carroll bricks for his fencing project for the keeping of Minutemen out of Colorado.

He can probably use illegal alien's to build the wall which he prescribes around Colorado to keep the
American Minutemen out. We Minutemen here in Colorado
will fight, kick, scratch, and haraang against our

Representative Carrol is a very racist, anti white
individual who attempts to come off as an ordained
minister. Big Joke!

Any way, we encourage any and every body to send Carroll
a brick, and a short note either by UPS, FEDEX, or
U.S.Postal Service to his office. We have sent toilet
scrub brushes to the L.A. Mayor with which to clean the
toilets as he said that is what the Mexicans were here to
do, and would appreciate this deed in return.
Terrance Carroll can be reached via email, or at 303-866-2909. MailingAddress: 200 E. Colfax, Denver, CO 80203.
The Bricks:

By the way, after delivering the brick to rep. Terrance
Carroll, we happened to stumble up on a Mexican student
rally which grew into several thousand people at the
west steps of the Colorado Capital building. There
were three of us Minutemen there and we had some good
dialogue with the young people, and a few of the really
stupid older people and white members of the 5th column.
We even had John Wayne stand with us which envoked
considerable controversy. And they say there will never
be another John Wayne! Photo's will be coming.

Stay the fight Duke, it is going to get rougher, and more fun
as time goes on.

Thanks to you and yours Duke, and those American's who are in
for the long haul.

Bob Copley Sr.
Cofounder Colorado Minutemen


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